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Do you think the outdoor LED lighting why dazzling? What should I do?

Author:太阳能路灯厂家   Time:2016/7/16 18:39:15
Do you think the outdoor led lighting why dazzling? How to do it? Must first look at LED lighting products commonly used parameters, so that consumers know how to buy LED lighting products.

1, brightness LED lamp brightness, including: brightness L: luminous units in a specific direction solid angle unit area within the luminous flux. Unit: Nituo (cd / ㎡). Luminous flux φ: The total amount of light emitted by the luminous body per second. Unit: Lumens (Lm), said the number of luminous body light, the more the number of luminous lumens. Then: the greater the number of lumens, more luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

2, the wavelength of the same wavelength LED, the same color. Manufacturers who do not have an LED spectrophotometer will find it difficult to produce products with pure color.

3, color temperature color temperature is to identify the color of light measurement units, with the value of K said. Yellow is the "3300k the following", white is "5300k above", there is a kind of intermediate color "3300k-5300k". Customers can choose according to personal preferences, application environment and the lighting effects and atmosphere to create a suitable color temperature of the light source.

4, leakage current LED is a one-way conductive light, if there is reverse current, then known as leakage, leakage current large LED, short life.

5, anti-static ability of anti-static ability of the LED, long life, so the price is high. Usually more than 700V antistatic LED can be used for LED lighting.

6, life is the key to different quality of life, life is determined by the light fades. Light fades small, long life.

7, the design of each product will have a different design, different design for different purposes, LED lighting reliability design includes: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use of time And other factors.

8, energy labeling Energy labeling is to provide consumers with energy consumption and benefits and other information, to facilitate consumers to buy high-performance products. China energy efficiency labeling China energy efficiency labeling for the blue and white background of the color logo, divided into five grades, the meaning of each level: Level 1: products reach the international advanced level, the most energy-saving, that is, the lowest energy consumption; Grade 3: The energy efficiency of the products is the average level of the market of our country; Grade 4: The energy efficiency of the products is lower than the average level of the market; Grade 5: The market access standard (the product below this grade is not allowed to produce and sell).

Generally according to national standards of production of LED lighting, can be the majority of consumers, if consumers prefer a more gentle light, you can use matte through the mask. Color temperature should not be too high, choose the 4500 to 5000K look. Chip with the chip, if the price will be cheaper with straw hat, but the light decay faster. If you are not satisfied with the addition of a cover, like a downlight inside the same plus a reflective cup, remember to use the matte, do not use smooth.

Do you think the outdoor led lighting why dazzling? How to do it?